Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just A Look

“Women are like tricks by sleight of hand, 
Which, to admire, we should not understand.” - WILLIAM CONGREVE, Love for Love

The plainest man who pays attention to women, will sometimes succeed as well as the handsomest man who does not.” - CHARLES CALEBCOLTON, Lacon

The attentions of a woman make me feel alive and vibrant with power. Like a crashing wave, her look and positive glance make my whole life feel worthy. What curse is this I am under? The power in her movement captivates me and makes me stop my whole world to see her for a moment. On the miraculous hinge of change, all it takes is her reaction. If she likes me, pays me some attention, then peace and excitement in abundance. If she turns away, her rejection ignites a fire, inciting a riot of feelings in my body. Though heaven call and hell reach, nothing matters but her at that moment. There is no end to the amazing things that I will put my body and mind through to see her smile. Not just a special her, but the one that has stopped my heart from proceeding with its mundane tasks. Dropped to my knees, not by an amazing model, rare and fleeting, but by that woman who holds herself with such confidence and sexuality that I find a smell of desire wafting across the room to bring me to my knees. I've stumbled down the steep paths of self-esteem, yet to know she's there, watching with interest, gives me the most incredible lift. This hawk takes to an empowering thermal desire and rises to heights unreachable until you, sweet woman, gave me your smile.


  1. Light, truth, are a special talent with such insight, be proud & humble my are very worthy of that smile, glance, scent....always you - nothing more - nothing less........

    1. and so excitement spreads across the landscape of my life, by your words sweet Sharon...