Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prey or Predator

"Without game, men prey on each other."
- Perry Farrell

". . . It is just because human bloodthirstiness is such a primitive part of us 
that it is so hard to eradicate, especially when a fight or a hunt is promised as part of the fun.” - William James

There are people who exist for no other reason than to stalk, an aggressor, and a taker of life. The gazelle cannot be kind to the lion, or invite him to dine and play together. If I treat the predator like a friend, with all the trust and vulnerabilities involved with that privilege, I will present myself as a meal. It's nothing personal for them to hunt me, that it is what they do. Leave the lion alone, do I wish to fight? A fight is necessary for survival, but the better part of wisdom is to stay away from those whose dinner is my flesh. The kindness of our hearts is a weakness which must be balanced with the necessary facts of life, leave the lion alone and steer clear from the jaws that will look pleasant from a distance but have your throat in an instant. 

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