Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love's Mortal Wound

“He sees death in the prostitutes who have witnessed the death of honor, and daily multiply the death of love, who bleed away their own lives 50 times a day beneath the relentless stabbings of countless conjugations” – Ed McBain

Our love has suffered a mortal wound
Feeling your name pulled from my chest
Stumbling thoughts, its you I kiss
Waiting for the next heartbeat
Feeling it deep in my bowels
nothing like it in the world
earth shaking my heart unfurls
Cant seem to find the easy forgiveness
Its costing me, running like a blood stream
I wait for you, like a passing cloud with no rain
Promises left unfilled, I break for you,
Inescapable vines, my love
bears a mortal wound
Distant hopes like mirages,
disappear in the change of your light
Promises like the morning fog, quickly gone in the light of truth
Strange though the pleasure you bring on the wings of pain
Surreal your gentle touch on the stroke of punishment
I sway under your movement, you never break your stare
I ran once but found you everywhere
I can't help but feel the passion 
that gave love a mortal wound

Also published in Broowaha



  1. Thanks Joey, your blog is amazing, it inspires me to go even deeper in my expressions. Keep doing good work and I'll see around the next corner.